Join us!

There’s a group of us from a range of disciplines — physics education research, MOOCs, ed-tech, etc. who would like to dramatically improve how we teach physics. We’ve seen tremendous gains in learning outcomes from recent techniques like blended learning (in one experiment, student success jumped from 59% to 91% completion), as well as older techniques like mastery and constructive learning, sometimes applied in new ways. We have a set of very good practices, but we don’t yet have a set of best practices, and those very good practices are not not yet being applied in most physics classrooms.

We’re starting out by creating a seminar-style course to compile what we know about teaching physics from a range of disciplines, examine how techniques compare, and figure out how to apply those to classrooms. As part of this course, we’ll be jointly developing a library of open course assets to make those techniques easier to apply.

The instructors include Piotr Mitros (Chief Scientist of edX), David Cormier (who coined the term MOOC), David Pritchard (MIT professor in physics education research), as well as the set of students who register for this course.

We’re rolling out an early prototype of the first part of this course over the month of March. We’re looking for a group of pioneers who’d be willing to try this course, and help give us feedback as we develop it. We expect this prototype to be very rough, a lot of work, but also fun, interesting, and a way to influence the future of education. The course will be free, and we’ll limit enrollment to the point where we can interact with all participants individually.

Sign up for the course for physics instructors! we are going to run a collaborative course designed to help us all create a physics course anyone can use. Starts on March 4th. The course will be divided into several modules. The first module will last around 4 weeks.